Robinson Crusoe: Aventura en la Isla Maldita


Jugadores: 1-4

Duración: 120 min.

Lenguaje: Inglés

Dependencia del Lenguaje: Media



Robison Crusoe is a cooperative game at its best. Players must discuss, debate and learn to make sacrifices in order to survive the game.
There are three major actions you can do during your game of Robinson Crusoe:
Explore the island: in this game you do not explore the island because you have to but because you want to. Sure you need to fin resources, but that’s not the main reason to explore. You want to find new territories and perhaps discover hidden treasures and mysterious ruins or villages.
Build a shelter: On an island, you are very exposed to the elements of nature. You must build a shelter to protect yourself. There are different parts of a shelter that you can build…but don’t expect them to stay there for the entire game!
Create tools: Creating things out of practically nothing is always a fun dynamic in games, and Robinson Crusoe does not disappoint on this aspect. It is you versus nature and you have to find ways to survive.

BUT! The best part about this game is that you are not playing next to the game; you are playing WITH the game. How? The game reacts differently depending on which actions you take. If you chose an exploration action, you will pick a card from the exploration deck. For building, a card from the building deck. And for gathering resources, a card from the resource deck. No more random card drawing that has nothing to do with the actions that was made. To make this dynamic even more interesting, most of the event cards you draw have a second action on them. Every time you draw an event card, you will mix it in with a pack of 10 cards, randomly drawn. At some point in the game, your actions will come back to haunt you. You will draw form the random event pile and read the second action on the card. These actions are usually negative things that are linked to what you have previously done. For example: if you discovered and old temple in the forest and you decided to explore it, nothing happened for the moment, but when you draw that card again, you will discover that the temple was cursed.

The game reacts to what you do, and it even gives you a little bit of time to prepare for its inevitable counterstrike on what you have achieved throughout the game.



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